Software Engineer Secrets
To Landing the Dream Tech Jobs

Myth of the "10x Developer"

I wanted to create the ULTIMATE software engineer resource I wish I had when I first started out in my career during the dot-com days. ost sites only focuses only on one narrow sliver of the "perfect" software engineer career (interviewing, learning tech skills) or it takes hundreds of blog posts to find something useful. Hell most haven’t even had the experience doing anything worthwhile, sure some may have gotten in a FANNG company but haven’t been around long enough to build a series of high impact high profit projects with awesome teams, anywhere in the world. Isn’t that what you're going after; the ability to live a life well lived, varying degrees of high income, freedom and your work having a positive impact?

Thanks to the internet and to some extent the pandemic has created more options for anybody who wants the freedom to design their careers by learning valuable skills to rapidly accelerate and change your life. 

“I'm not a great programmer; I'm just a good programmer with great habits.”
― Kent Beck

Guys, there’s a myth you must be the perfect coder that knows all 100 JavaScript frameworks hell I built an enterprise web app that processed from zero to half a billion a year using outdated JavaScript (have you heard of JQuery Mobile? No? Trust me, it’s a good thing - it sucked for the user and phased it out using an improved technology. However that was part my path to becoming a Tech lead but as tools keep advancing there are even more types of software engineers that have a different path to career mastery. 

4 Key Pillars to a EXCEPTIONAL Software Engineer Career

Having strong tech skills on it's own will not be enough for you to land your dream tech career these days. In fact, interviews have gotten harder as companies know you can google and memorize interview questions and answers so companies adapt to find qualified software engineers. With with a glut of coding bootcampers, college grads and covid pushing for remote talent, the landscape has become more competitive. In other words, a software engineer is now competing with anyone with a decent LinkedIn profile online. 

Pillar #1: Hacker Mindset (Learning & Skills)

    • Know the top and most cost effective Colleges Education/Certifications
    • Proven Blueprints for Self Learning and how to become a software engineer
    • Classic Software Engineering Books every "10x Developer" reads
    • Fundamentals of programming & Models to accelerate your learning

Key Pillar #2: People Skills (Landing The Best Interviews)

    • Crafting perfect Resumes & Cover Letters 
    • Networking with world-class companies 
    • Negotiating solid 6-figure salaries (and five figure raises)
    • Building an engaging Portfolio

Key Pillar #3: Software Engineering Fundamentals (Interview Execution)

    • Interviews Prep 
    • Whiteboard Interviews
    • Take Home Coding Challenges
    • In a time crunch? Knowing the Most Common Questions will help you land the job
    • Mastering Github to help you show your work

Key Pillar #4: Systems + Automation (Career Ascension)

    • The Career Paths available for any developer
    • Framework to Mastering YOUR core dev tools 
    • Find Your Next Programming Job effortlessly

Software Engineering Career Philosophy

“On office work. – I never wanted a job in an office or any job that I had to work eight hours a day at - day in and day out. I don't think I could have stood it. I'm not the type of guy who can sit in the office doing the same routine day in and day out. I have to do something that is creative and interesting to me.”

Bruce Lee - Striking Thoughts

Even Bruce discovered long before the pandemic he needed the freedom to express his creativity. My path as a software engineer included working remote mostly for almost a decade. There is no better time than the present to be a software developer you have limitless adventures to choose from — it could be a high flying startup, or a federal agency, cyber security or the latest emerging tech such as blockchain/AI/robotics. So make your next step today!